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National boyfriend day celebrate every year on 3rd of October this day celebrated by girls to their

sweetheart boyfriend like a special days for a family member National boyfriend day dedicated

attention to the boyfriend in our lives whatever the relation maybe it is new or long time but

your boyfriend bring always happiness in in your life sometime we feel romantic sometime anger

sometime cry sometime laugh but relation also always maintain everyday new memories new

experience with boy friends and what you think your work and give you something extra like a

good friend a boyfriend also support your dreams to motivate you in your life give moral

support and give  very handsome partnership in in your life perhaps sometime your

boyfriend is not as much good as you want sometime is more good then you wish whatever

the matter your boyfriend is boyfriend on national boyfriend day definitely support and celebrate

with your boyfriend

How to celebrate boyfriend day

do something that he know how he impotant in your life

taking him on a long drive

give him a romantic gateway

take him on a movie 

make a favourate dish for him

Types of boyfriends.

The romantic

mind your own business

the metro

the nerd

the Playboy

the possessive

the no it all

the nice guys

 Every Girl Wants In Her Boyfriend.

Attractive guy

generous boy

gentleman person

always caring

good mind set


humour is important

what every girl wants from her boyfriend

Always soft spoken

smiling face

motivate her

give her to compliments

share his secrets


What is the perfect boyfriend?

The perfect boyfriend provides for himself, lives independently and contributing member of society.

It is never fun to go on a 'date' and be the one picking up the tab all the time. A perfect boyfriend is

additionally someone you recognize could possibly be an honest husband within the future.

 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You

Hecare about your future

he wants you to connect with this near relation relative

 there is no secrets between

he cares about you


Gift ideas for boyfriend

Watches, Soft Toys, Hand Bags Perfumes, Jewellery Chocolate, Black Forest, Butterscotch,

Strawberry Cakes

Romantic gift for boyfriend

  • this massage pillow. Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager.
  • this box of love messages.
  • this electric wine aerator.
  • these chocolate bars for whiskey pairing
  • this date-night coupon book.
  • these joggers.
  • this recipe book for two.
  • this road-trip guide.

Thoughtful gifts for boyfriend

Classic leather wallet


Hot cofee mug