<Meet Pint-Sized Hero CJ Matthews from Atlanta, Georgia>
August 5, 2020 • jainendra joshi • business


Two months ago, we launched our PINT SIZE HERO program, introducing the world to young people

who use their passion and creativity to give back to their communities. With that announcement, we also

put out a call for Baskin-Robbins fans nationwide to help us find the next Pint-Sized Hero by submitting

stories of children who are doing good. After combing through awe-inspiring submissions of helpful

hands all across the country, we are excited to announce Chris “CJ” Matthews from Atlanta, Georgia

as our next Pint-Sized Hero!

CJ’s inspirational story began when he and his family experienced a loss when he was only five years

old. His own grief sparked an idea: he wanted to do whatever he could to support other kids who might

be dealing with similar feelings of sadness. The idea led CJ to create  which has since grown into an

organization that brings small tokens of comfort, like cozy blankets, to children dealing with traumatic

situations from chronic illnesses to homelessness.


Nearly eight years after beginning Blankies 4 My Buddies, CJ is still doing all he can to provide comfort

to those who need it most -- even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. To support the well-being of children

in need during these challenging times, CJ also now provides “Comfort Bags,” which include items like

journals, books, stress balls, toys, crayons, healthy snacks, hygiene products and more. CJ even

teamed up with his local city councilman to help deliver lunch from the school district to kids who were

sheltering in place.

We're honored to be recognizing CJ and the work he has done in his Atlanta community. As a thank you

for all of his hard work and to celebrate his amazing accomplishments, CJ will get free ice cream for a

year and Baskin-Robbins is paying his good deeds forward with a $5,000 donation to the charity of his

choice, H2H INC –an organization committed to bringing relief and aid to those in need.

When he’s not out being a hero, CJ loves to draw, spend time with his family, watch anime and play

sports including football, soccer, rugby and wrestling. The young entrepreneur and aspiring

philanthropist also has an interest in marine biology and dreams of being a professional football player.