<ETH Zurich appointed New professors :Acciaio , Carminati, Niao He , Kovalenko, Possamaï, Shinde,Sótér,Steurer>
July 12, 2020 • jainendra joshi • JOBS AND CARRER


                                New professors: four women and 4 men 

 From the editors In the current round of appointments, four men and 4 women were appointed or promoted

to ETH professors. Thematically, this point the main target is on mathematics and computing. additionally,

the new professorships strengthen the environmental sciences, physics, and chemistry at ETH Zurich.


The ETH Board also awarded the title of professor to a different ETH researcher.

The new professors in brief:

Professor Beatrice Acciaio

(*1978), currently a professor at the London School of Economics and politics, UK, as professor of

Mathematics. together with her research, Beatrice Acciaio has contributed to all or any of the newest areas

of monetary mathematics. In 2019 the London School of Economics and politics presented her with an

Excellence in Education Award for her outstanding work as a university lecturer and supervisor. She is

especially keen to encourage women mathematicians.


 Professor Andrea Carminati (*1977), currently Professor at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, as

professor of Physics of Soils and Terrestrial Ecosystems.


 Professor Niao He (*1990), currently a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, USA,

as a Tenure Track professor of knowledge Science. Niao He’s research explores the purpose at which the

optimization of large- scale systems intersects with machine learning techniques.


Professor Maksym V. Kovalenko (*1982), currently a professor at ETH Zurich, as professor of Functional

Inorganic Materials. Maksym V. Kovalenko and his working party – which is partly based at Empa – are

researching the synthesis and characteristics of various functional inorganic materials, with the goal of 1

day using these materials as quantum light sources, for instance, or as components of high-

performance batteries.


 Professor Dylan Possamaï (*1985), currently a professor at Columbia University, New York, USA, as

a professor of Mathematics. He has helped to realize a far better understanding of model uncertainties and

therefore the effects of transaction costs on the behavior of market participants.


 Dr. Shweta Shivaji Shinde (*1991), currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of California,

Berkeley, USA, as Tenure Track professor of knowledge Science.


. Anna Sótér’s research is within the area of exotic atoms, where high-energy physics, nuclear physics

and quantum optics meet.


Professor David Steurer (*1984), currently Tenure Track professor at ETH Zurich, as professor of

Theoretical computing.